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The Dianic Tradition

Dianic Tradition is a Goddess and female-centered religion which combines the spirituality of the matriarchal religion of the Great Mother [...]

The Goddess

Dianics believe and worship the Great Mother of ten thousand names. In the cosmology of the Tradition the Goddess is the source of life [...]

Dianic Sabbats

In Dianic Tradition the Goddess is the focal point of the religious practice, so the Wheel of the year is related exclusively to transformations of the Great Mother [...]

About Us

Domina Lunae is a Grove of the Temple of Diana and Dianic Spiritual Organization, operating within Italy and UK, which aims to help and support [...]


We provide in person and online courses and services to nurture the spiritual needs of women-born female of all the ages and culture.


Domina Lunae has been created to help, heal, empower, and celebrate female beings by also offering spiritual counseling services in person and via skype.